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The heating cable is conceived for heating water pipes made from metal or plastic, which are risk from frost, up to -20 °C. It is self-monitoring and prevents impermissible cooling, generally prevents frost damage and ensures a minimum temperature, e.g. when supplying drinking water to animals outside.

A thermostat monitors the part of the pipe presumed to have the lowest temperature. When protection against frost is required, the heating cable is activated at +5 °C and switches off again when the temperature increases.

The benefit: The electrical energy requirement is automatically reduced to the necessary minimum.



Nominal Voltage 230V
Maximum temp. 60°C
Minimum bending radius 5 x Ad
Temp Mini Installation - 35°C
Cold lead 1x2m
Protection : IP X7



Outdoor Area Heating Mats


Snow and ice clearance for parking slip roads, outdoor path, pedestrian crossing, stairs,…


ELRAMP System is an heating mats with single-end connexion cable and sleeveless splice, which heats the floor with electric power in order to wipe out any problem caused by black ice, or to help snow melting. We recommend it in particular for slip roads, balconies, parking access, pedestrian crossing, stairs…


For the operation of these plants the FI protective circuit is necessary.

The outstanding structure of the heating cable (3 insulation layers with an additional fourth PTPE Teflon chemistry-steady insulating cover), represents a safe and long-lived operation and some substantial savings.









Nominal Voltage: 230V
Minimum bending Radius: 5 x dA
Insulation: XLPE
Cold Lead: 1x7,00 m (1,00 mm²)
Tolerances -5% / +10 %
Power: approx. 27 W/m
Max temp. 65°C   
Diameter: approx. 7,00 mm
Minimal installation temperature: 5°C    
Heating Cable/Cold Lead Junction: sleeveless technology

Paturi electrice

The heating mats are used for heating crops shelves. They consist of a heating wire isolated, positioned between two sheets of polyester coated aluminum, allowing a homogeneous distribution of heat.The heating mats are specially studied and designed to maintain the temperature ade-quate seedlings or plants requiring a higher temperature than the greenhouse.

The temperature is substantially uniform across the web. At an ambient temperature of 120C, the gain of temperature on the surface of the web is about 10 ° C.. Over the ambient temperature falls less gain temperature is important.

This device allows to heat only the desired portion without increasing the heating of the whole of the greenhouse.                                                                                     

An aluminum foil / polyester on top. Ripstop polyester film makes all alumi-nium/polyester.
A resistance wire insulated with silicone sealed junction between the resistance wire and the power supply wire.
Another aluminum foil / polyester below (the side polyester is within the web).
The whole of the heating layer is connected to ground.
The feed yarn is of a length of 5 meters with a molded-in end. All layers have an output of 150 W/m2 at a voltage of 230 V.

Simple installation the heating layer is adapted to be placed directly under the plants. Not have to sand or above or below. It comes rolled. For its implementation simply roll the dice, and connect. It is preferable for accurate temperature control to add a thermostat to the heating mat (precision +1 1 ° C).
For use on the ground, it is recommended to put a cloth under the mulch layer.


Par sécurité, l’installation électrique doit comporter en amont un disjoncteur différentiel de 30 mA.



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