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An expert in climatic agronomy
Since 1961, when Filclair invented the first plastic covered greenhouse, 5,000 hectares of greenhouses have been assembled in 70 countries.
The company’s ability to know how to innovate and evolve is the force that drives our’s success.
Furthermore, with today’s environmental and agricultural issues, we become an expert in the climatic agronomy market.
 The majority of the company’s executives are agronomic engineers: to do our job well we have to be as close as possible to agronomic and economic problems.

The continuous development of our market requires permanent adaptability from all our departments:

• Long-term development policy
• Respect of the environment
• Research and development of more efficient climatic agronomy

To achieve this, we continue to invest in logistics and production: the company equipped itself with new administrative buildings at the beginning of 2000 and a new computer system has been installed.

We are elaborating protected agriculture acclimatization products and techniques that totally respect the environment and increase productivity. The architecture of the Multiclair Gothic Arch greenhouses is designed to meet these agro-economic criteria and is the direct result of our’s expertise: climatic engineering.
Furthermore, all the equipment available for these types of greenhouses specifically meets our customers’ climatic needs and agronomic constraints.
The task now is to deploy the Multiclair range via this outstanding technical platform. Our overriding goal is always to come up with solutions for a better climate, whatever the intrinsic constraints of the land.

Since 2003 our team entered olso on the Romanian ,Moldova and Bulgaria market , hectares of greenhouses,tunnels, storages, farms have been assembled across the country.
We are a international proffesional team, a young and dynamic team, with a great experience in this domain offering you professional products.

©Copyright Concept Airnature.All rights reserved.

©Copyright Conceptairnature. All rights reserved.
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