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Coco fiber is the result of traditional agricultural practices, exploited on a large scale in all parts of the intertropicale globe 

Coconut trees global covering about 11 million hectares (Asia and Pacific area representing 94%,  91% only in Asia)
Coconut fruit is first of all a seed oil which contains 35-37% oil, 47 to 52% water 17% dry matter (carbohydrate, protein, salts, minerals)

The coconut is a comestible product that feeds people from the beginning of time. Effects are beneficial for humanity.Coconut is called the "tree of 100 uses."
Being a natural substrate, the plant roots will grow very being vigorous and healthy.




The substrate of the Future

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Coconut SUBSTRATE 100% ORGANIC, no additives, NO DISEASE

January 04,2013

After 17 years of research and product development with international producers of vegetables, we finally found the perfect formula for the harmonious development of plant. Our products use selected fibers, particles of different sizes, chips, husk.


Whether you own high-tech greenhouses or tunnels simple we can supply you with the best coconut substrate. de cocos.

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