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Cattle equipments

We ooffer you self-locking headlocks, self-service feed barriers, troughs, gates & panels, posts, freestalls, feed racks, cattle round pens panels, holding panels, holding passageway, insemination headlocks, caesarean barriers

Calves equipments

Headlocks, individual calf pens, free-services panels for calves, opening separations, calf crap feeders, selective feeders, small cattle feeders

Sheep and goats equipments

A large range of materials and equipment for sheep and goats: headlocks for goats & for baby goats, free services for sheep, opening separations and fixed barriers, sheep hurdles, light sheep hurdles, sheep and goat feed racks

Horses equipments

A range of materials and equipment that perfectly suits for horse stockbreeding : horses fencing, round pens panels, free-services opening panels, feed racks, field gates & panels ...
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Poultry equipments

Feeding system

Here you will find a wide range and alternatives of manual and automatic feeders for chicks and poultry growing.

Watering system

All the watering system are made of top quality stainless steel. All plastic components are also made of quality materials.

Ventilation and cooling

Whatever the outsidetemperature is, the temperature inside will be as you wish.

Heating system

Our heating systems keeps your heating expenses at minimum while providing efficient heating in your poultry house.

Lighting systems

Lower mortality levels,Improved body weight, Better Feed Conversion Rates, Increased uniformity of the birds, Lower electricity consumption, Longer service life, Very low maintenance

Silos and augers

We offer feed silos with capacities from 1 ton to 19,5 ton with mechanical or pneumatic filling alternatives and 75mm or 90mm transport systems.


In the following gallery we offer you a complete range of products for waterers and accessories. Our products can be simple or dubles with heatid wires and cable, frost free waterer with or withour electricity, with heated or cold wather.

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