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ABRICLAIR™Voted the best tunnel in the WORLD !  

Dinensiuni standard structuri metalice ușoare Abriclair tip tunel pentru :ferme animale , adăposturi,magazii, adăposturi utilaje , solarii tunel | sere si solarii -ferme animale Concept Airnature.
Structură metalică galvanizată pentru solatii tip tunel sau pentru ferme și depozite Abriclair . Structura metalică galvanizată .

The structures in the range are available in multiple sizesAbriclairas well as those in the rangeNordicairare used in the agricultural field for the construction of haystacks, warehouses for equipment, grain warehouses, various shelters for animals, farms, mushroom farms, etc  
Due to the available widths of 6m, 7m, 8m,8m Nordicair, 8.50m , 9.30m ,10.30m Nordicair, this type of galvanized metal structure, can be adapted in multiple situations depending on the terrain and use 
Due to their simplicity, the structuresABSTRACT | NORDICLAIR they are universal, the concept being based on three important elements: the arch, the mezzanine (connecting element), the cross.

The exclusive mounting system, in the shape of a cross assembled by a high-frequency method, doubles its resistance. Its internal assembly makes the structure invisible on the outside, thus  ensuring a prolonged durability of the film used for covers; this aspect is not found in most similar structures from other manufacturers.
StructureABSTRACT | NORDICLAIRallows different types of coverage:
  • 200 micron black and white film
  • 250 micron green film
  • inflatable film
  • film + insulation with mineral wool
  • green or beige CELOBATI film 450 microns
  • truck tarp
  • corrugated board
  • polycarbonate  

The springs and spacers are made of perfectly balanced round tubes for optimized resistance, being made of the best steel in Europe: galvanized steel S250 GD + Z275-(double face 15/10e; 20/10e diameter 60mm, 32mm) MAC - EN 1147.
Guaranteed elasticity limit up to 25 daN/mm2.
This requirement regarding quality is UNIQUE on the market of light metal structures, this aspect allows us to work with smaller sizes than most competitors.
Our structures comply with the most demanding EN NF 13031 .1 standards, each structure having a quality certificate issued by the manufacturer 
​ABRICLAIR tunnels have become a point of reference on the world market due to the exceptional performances they have shown, easy assembly and maintenance.
They are delivered in a kit, so they can be mounted very easily.
Being modular, the arches can be mounted at different distances from each other: 0.25m, 0.50m, 0.75m, 1m, 1.50m, 2m, 2.5m, this aspect enabling the structures to be made in a very large number of possibilities. regarding their length as well as resistance to different weather conditions 
Any farm  must have a barn where you store the feed and straw for your animals. The variety of models we have gives you the opportunity to choose the right barn from a wide range of sizes_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
Covering them with different types of film offers flexibility both in terms of possibilities and in terms of price.
Their height offers the possibility to vertically arrange a maximum number of bales, both circular and parallelepiped.
Enter the page of the online store dedicated to lanterns and buy directly from the website the lantern you need! 
The warehouses made from our structures cover a varied range of uses in practically all fields, not only in agriculture. Having the opportunity to have:
  • 2 free facades,
  • 1 free facade and one closed with a fixed wall or a wall with sliding doors
  •  2 closed facades with or without doors on both facades 
  • different coverings with simple foil, inflatable foil, tarpaulin, insulation 
these structures can be used for : 
  • to protect the machines both in the field and on construction sites,
  •  storage-storage of various agricultural or non-agricultural goods 
  • garaje 
  • coverage of different pools or small pools (the maximum width of the structures being 10.30m)
Types of deposits that can be made: 
  • equipment warehouse: tractor warehouse, trailer warehouse, construction equipment warehouse, construction material warehouse, construction site warehouse, goods warehouse, refrigerated warehouse, warehouses, various shelters s.a 
Farms and shelters for animals of this type have the advantage of being able to be assembled quickly, even by the user, they do not need concrete for the foundations, the concrete can be used optionally if the farm is permanently assembled or if the customer decides, for additional anchoring.
The new anchoring system with "fenox" allows the anchoring of the metal soil structure  with a claw system that unfolds in the ground and that once fixed maintains the structure.
The different coverage possibilities give this type of structure the possibility to use them for different animal farms: goats, sheep, cattle, cattle, beef cows in the pasture, dairy cows, horses, bitches, etc.
Having the possibility to mount intermediate walls, the trusses can be compartmentalized, depending on the needs.
Abriclair Farmscan be used as:
  • stable areas for animals: goats, sheep, cattle, cattle, pigs
  • areas for raising poultry, free-range farms, small family farms: chickens, ducks, geese, quails, turkeys, etc.
  • storage areas | warehouses: storage of various farm equipment, feed storage, hay storage  sa
  • filter areas: through the intermediate walls, different areas can be created according to the requirements 
Abriclair sheltersthey are the fastest and cheapest solution  for building different areas needed in different situations. These simple, resistant and quick-to-mount stucco can be used as:
  • animal shelters: goats, sheep, cattle, cattle
  • lanterns
  • mushroom
  • warehouses and other storage areas
  • garages

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The shelters and farms  on the Abriclair galvanized structure are generally small in size, being used for small farms.


The most suitable models of watering cans for this are normal constant-level watering cans or anti-freeze ones.


In addition to these, you need different materials to ease your daily work, materials that you can find on the dedicated page in our online store




Ferme bovine Conceptairnature| Echipamente zootehnice | plug dejecții , adapători vaci , plug raclor,perie scărpinat vaci ,cușete vaci de lapte .




Abriclair structures can be easily mounted on meadows, they are mobile agricultural structures, removable, easy to mount and maintain, not needing concrete when mounted, ensuring comfort for animals, during rainy periods or sheltering the feed or different equipment you need when you are near the animals.




It is not a news that every year, the climate of the planet and implicitly that of our country changes more and more, the prolonged rains give farmers a headache. Thus we designed a modular lantern with a width of 9.3m and lengths of up to at 200m. Follow the offers in the online store!





kit echipamente pentru orice fermă | perii , matură, lopeți | Conceptairnature echipamente fermă



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