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The purchase process in our online store requires the creation of an account for professional products  . For this you must follow the steps required to create the account and complete the mandatory fields. Please fill in the data correctly and with accurate and real data, these  being used  for the correct execution of the authentication, purchase process _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad_sicf5 invoicing. 
Online purchase

Choose the products

Using the drop-down menu in the middle of the pages, as well as the buttons and links that redirect you to different pages of our online store, navigate through the product categories. When you have found a product that suits your wishes, to add it to the shopping cart, press the "Add to cart" button 

Shopping basket

It is represented by the icon : 

It is visible on all pages of the online store, so that at any time you can view the products you have in your basket.

When you click on the   button, you are directed to the shopping cart page, where you can view the list of products, update the quantity of the products you intend to order or cancel one or all of the selected products._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

At the bottom of the shopping cart, you can enter the voucher code from various promotions. The return is made automatically after entering the coupon code.

In the next step, you are asked to confirm the country and County for the VAT calculation 

After adding all the products you want to order to the basket, continue the purchase process by pressing the  mov "Pay" button


It is visible on all pages of the online store so that at any time you can proceed to pay for the products you have selected in the shopping cart 

Order verification and payment confirmation: 

On this page you can once again check the payment amounts and you are invited to choose the payment method:

-directly from a card (check if the bank has unlocked your card for online purchases, as well as the amount you can pay online)

- from your PayPal account

Order by e-mail:

To order the chosen products, if you cannot pay online for various reasons, or if you want customized products   please contact us by e-mail: conceptairnature@yahoo .com  or by phone 0040244336803 ( LV 09-18 )

0040745826934(Mon 09-18 : Sat 10-16)


All prices in the online store are expressed in euros without VAT.ATTENTION!!!When placing an order, add and calculate   20% VAT by selecting the country from the TARA field. Payment is made online by card through the secure PayPal payment system. 
For natural persons resident in the EU, the payment of VAT of 20% is mandatory.
For legal entities resident in the EU, invoicing will be done without VAT, according to the legislation in force. A valid intra-community VAT number is mandatory for VAT-free invoicing.
For individuals and companies not resident in the EU, invoicing will be done without VAT 
All prices are local Breaza-Prahova-Romania.
The delivery, depending on the quantities, can be made directly to the customer by different means of transport (carrier company, internal transport   or national and international companies: Urgent Courier, DHL, Posta, etc _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_surcharge.)
For the equipment that is in stock, the payment can be made in cash if the customer does not have a card, for their purchase and payment directly from the online store.
For all the equipment that is ordered by e-mail, or by phone, for which the original sales contract is signed, the standard payment conditions are as follows:
• 50% advance on order
• 50%  14 days before  loading the truck/trucks  at suppliers for complete services, projects bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
For all products in the online store, payment will be made online, directly from your card through the prepay system, in advance.
The delivery term for the products that are not in stock will be confirmed after the order is made. In the case of product delays due to suppliers' delays, we are not responsible. Customers will be informed of the new delivery term.
​•Standard DELIVERY TIME:  Loading on the truck: 6-16 weeks after receiving the advance or total payment depending on the product; depending on the season, suppliers and delivery schedule 
• In case of delays by the suppliers, we are not responsible for the delay of the materials.
Depending on the suppliers, our delivery terms are given as an indication, and they can be changed without prior notice.
Our offer does not include:
• expenses for confirming the letter of credit
• bank commissions
• the costs of receiving the goods by the customer (if any)
• security expenses and material insurance
• land leveling and drainage  expenses
• expenses with surveyors necessary for the implantation of the greenhouse
• civil expenses: 
- water project, water network, drilling  etc
- the openings of the foundations for the consolidation of the interior pillars
- supplies for concrete and reinforced concrete for foundations
- the concrete
- concrete walkways inside the greenhouse
-  the trenches to bring the water from the reservoirs to the greenhouses, and secondarily inside the greenhouses
- the electrical wiring
- the pipes for the gas installation 
- gas and electric project
- the trenches for the electrical and gas network installation
- costs of connecting the heating installation to the gas network (the connection will be made by an ISCIR approved installation company)
- other authorizations
• expenses for bringing water to the reservoirs
• the set of electrical cables up to the inside of the greenhouse + inside the greenhouse
• the costs of connecting the power cabinets to the electrical network as well as   the general protection upstream of the internal network
• the costs of connecting to the gas network
• expenses with lifting materials (elevator)
• local labor costs throughout the installation
• expenses for the accommodation, meals and transport of the technical assistance teams during the requested period.
• schemes, plans  and non-contractual photos
• other authorizations (construction...etc)
• everything outside the greenhouse
• installation or technical assistance if not clearly specified in the offer
• guarantee and insurance of the materials during the delivery-assembly period
• as well as all elements that are not clearly  defined in our proposal
NB: without specifications to the contrary,   the materials are delivered in 400V, Tri 50Hz or 230V (check when ordering)
All the photos presented are non-contractual and belong to our company, their copying and distribution without our consent being strictly prohibited stris 

MODELS: in the desire to improve the quality of the material, the suppliers reserve the right to make any modifications to the manufactured products that they consider appropriate, without the obligation to apply these modifications to the materials already installed or ordered.
PRICE: depending on the economic fluctuations that may occur before the execution of the order, the prices applied are those in force at the time of delivery.
ORDERS: the order is valid for delivery after receipt of the advance provided and confirmed by the Company under the proposed payment conditions
DELIVERY TIME: our delivery times are approximate and given as an indication, meaning availability in the factory, starting from the order confirmation date or from the receipt of the advance payment requested upon order confirmation, if applicable. Without other stipulations to the contrary duly accepted by us in writing, no compensation for delay can be claimed from us and no penalty can be imposed on us.
Strikes, lock-outs, wars, epidemics, fires, floods, heavy rains or snows, adverse weather conditions, legal holidays, holidays, interruption of transport, damage, breakdown of machines and equipment, causes leading to partial or total unemployment of our factories or of suppliers, or other unforeseen situations are considered cases of force majeure, leading to the suspension of deliveries and the extension of the agreed delivery terms.
In addition, we are discharged, in full right, from all commitments regarding delivery terms in case the payment conditions have not been observed by the buyer.
The materials that will not be picked up by the buyer on the agreed date will be immediately invoiced, once made available and assimilated to a delivery made.
PARTIAL DELIVERY: in case of partial delivery, all partial shipments will be subject to an invoicing and a payment corresponding to the material shipped or picked up for the products in the online store. 
DELIVERY CONDITIONS: the prices are for the materials made available in the factory. Unless otherwise indicated, the materials will be shipped to the site (for a fee). In any case, the materials, even if they are shipped free of charge, traveling with the risk of destruction, must be checked upon arrival and if applicable, responsible carrier held liable.
Invoices are payable to ConceptAirnature,com (GREENCONCEPT ltd)   . Without special agreements, the supplied materials are paid in advance in euros or in lei.

In case of non-payment of fixed installments (if it is the case for large projects,) sthe amounts owed will have a penalty interest of 15.5% per month of delay.
If the debtor's default obliges us to hand over the file with the amounts owed  to the litigation service, the amounts being increased with the interest already specified above, and with an indemnity set at 20% of the total value_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ . This increase is established with the title of penalty clause.
COMPLAINTS: complaints regarding the materials provided, to be taken into consideration, must be notified by registered letter.
- in the first 2 days after receiving the materials regarding the accuracy of the number
- in the first week after reception, apparent defects (defects).
No return will be made without our prior consent and the returned materials will be shipped free of charge to the address indicated by us.
This return will not relieve the buyer of the obligation to pay the current invoice.
GUARANTEES: the manufacturer undertakes to replace or repair the parts manufactured by him, which prove to be defective during the one-year warranty period, the departure date being the departure of the parts from the factory.
At the same time, it must be understood that the materials that are not manufactured by the Concept Airnature company are excluded from the guarantee, for which the guarantees are given by each individual supplier.
Without stipulations to the contrary, no guarantee will be granted after installation in the following cases:
1.-failure to observe the clauses in the assembly notes provided corresponding to the order in question
2.-damage or accident resulting from negligence, maintenance defect (improper), bad use of the material.
3.-modifications made to the supplies by the buyer without the consent of the seller or use of materials not approved by the seller.
4.-damages due to accidental cases or force majeure
5.-exceptional weather conditions: storms, hurricanes, cyclones, strong winds, tornadoes, heavy snow, prolonged cold, frost, hail, hail,  earthquakes, etc.
6.-not heating the greenhouse during the entire cold period, regardless of whether there is culture in the greenhouse or not
7-not removing the snow from the greenhouse, in case it is deposited on the roof of the greenhouse
8-unblocking the roof vents in winter
9-permanent non-heating of the technical area
10-non-use of irrigation quality water
11.-again on the part of the user, non-compliance with the delivered materials
12-non-existence of a generator set with automatic start, to protect the whole greenhouse
13-non-existence of sufficient and spare fuel for the winter period
14-other unspecified causes
RECOMMENDATION: material insurance
DISPUTES: all disputes are under the jurisdiction of the   Court at the seller's headquarters  . The various ways and places of delivery cannot influence this clause.
RESERVATION OF TITLE: through this express agreement, we reserve the ownership of the goods supplied until the last day of full payment, having the right at any time to recover the totality of the material delivered without the intervention of the court.
This clause is enforceable.
We expressly agree that in case of use of this clause, the advances  already paid by the customer remain indisputable to the  GREENCONCEPT company, as an allowance for the use of the material, compensation from depreciation.
OTHER CLAUSES: In the case of cancellation of the order, the advance paid  is not returned. If the goods are not picked up and |or paid  in full within a maximum of 2 weeks from the confirmation that it is ready for delivery, it is considered that the order has been abandoned, the goods being reintroduced into the delivery circuit sale, the advance being retained by our company.
All general purchase conditions, or other contracts, which may contradict the above sales conditions are considered null (without effect)
CONDITIONS OF USE: the greenhouse must be heated, maintained, used with respect to the equipment  delivered , and according to the instructions received from the suppliers.
PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA: In accordance with the legal conditions regarding the protection of personal data, GREENCONCEPT will not disclose any information about the Buyer without authorization.  In order to respond to customer requests  by offering new equipment, products, or services, it is possible to offer such information to third parties (eg: service providers marketing, other service providers; state, government agencies or insurance associations, when the specific legislation provides for this; other companies with which we can develop joint programs for offering our products and services on the market).

Personal data protection (GDPR) (RGPD - General Data Protection Regulation)


By signing this contract, the buyer expresses his express and unequivocal agreement that the personal data of the buyer's representatives, involved in this contract, will be processed by GREENCONCEPT ltd, with headquarters in Sofia Vitosa no. 66, if they are necessary for the execution of the contract, invoices , minutes, as well as for commercial purposes, for subsequent direct marketing (newsletter), sending subsequent technical and/or price offers, etc.

In order to fulfill the above-mentioned purposes, the buyer has become aware that GREENCONCEPT ltd selects and processes one or more of the personal data of the buyer's representatives who will intervene in this contract, also carrying out profiling activities by automatic or non-automatic means, for to be able to provide different services and goods specific to the activity of GREENCONCEPT ltd

In case of updates of the transmitted data, the consent remains in force until the notification by the buyer, in the sense of withdrawing the consent .

Data processing is based on this consent from the moment of provision until the moment of its withdrawal. The consent can be withdrawn by a written notification addressed to GREENCONCEPT ltd. The representatives of the purchaser, whose data were sent to GREENCONCEPT ltd,_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ can freely exercise their right to information, access, restriction, rectification, erasure, data portability, opposition, not to be subject to an automated individual decision-making process, the right to go to court if the European/local legislation allows it, through a written request, dated, signed and sent to the address in the contract.

The use of personal data is necessary to provide you with the Service. This means that   

The purchaser's representatives cannot object to the processing of personal data and at the same time request the Executor to provide the Service. However, the purchaser's representatives, natural persons, have the right to object to a certain use of personal data, for example for sending materials of email marketing.

The buyer understands the intellectual property right and will not disclose to a third party or make public (on the Internet or media), any of the information received from Concept Airnature.
All elements, texts and photos on this site belong to CONCEPT AIRNATURE  , users not having the right to copy or use them   without our written consent._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The fact of placing an order is equivalent to the formal (categorical) acceptance of all the clauses listed above.



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