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FEEDERS built to last 

Products in the store: from the range Materials and equipment for animal farms 

Technical specifications :

The connections  of 1.5m and the extensions  of 1m and 2m allow obtaining feeders of 3m, 7m, 8m, 6m. .etc 

No corners - so easy to wash 

rotexible, resistant to acid PH and silage 

delivered with receipts to be placed on bonds 

2 drain plugs - 2 overfill holes 

Without a fixed connection between the feeder and the chassis, thus avoiding breaks due to differences in expansion between PE and metal

The chassis: the structure, the lateral profiles are made of centered sheet metal, allowing the obtaining of 8m-long studs.

All metal parts are made of hot galvanized steel

Square tube legs 50x50mm adjustable, optional  


Food security 

The feeders can be emptied and washed very easily and completely 

Shapes without corners 

The Comfort of the Farmer 

The feeders are solid and reliable 

The tank is made of PEHD, resistant to acid ph and silage

There is no fixed connection between the feeder and the chassis

One pair of feet per linear meter

1 lower support member

Sufficient volume for 1 day of feeding

Easy to transport, easy to assemble (standardized parts)

There are many standard lengths 


Animal welfare 

Enough volume 

They are NOT blunt shapes 

Anti-roll bar (a cow on its back dies of suffocation in 15 minutes)


Don't wait for the next episode to equip yourself!


The container for disinfecting the hoofs, specially designed for animals, avoids the hoof slipping, something that would scare the animal. The embossed interior model allows the hoofs to be opened, facilitating good penetration of the treatment product inside the hoofs 


SOIL STABILIZER Animal welfare and farmer's comfort in grazing 

This system strengthens and improves the natural quality of the soil:

BEARING: the weight of the animal is distributed over the set of tiles located under the hooves, 1m2, instead of 180cm (4 hooves x 45cm2)


PERMEABILITY: the soil is no longer compacted by the hooves, it remains permeable, both for water and for animal droppings 


FILTRATION: the filtering power of the soil and the plant bed is preserved due to the total or partial recollination around the vegetation points 


The stabilization blanket is fixed on the ground, drains the fluids and allows the partial or total recolonization of the grass layer: the plant blanket is installed 


The stabilization slab distributes the weight of the animal over a large surface. It avoids the compaction of the soil structure so that it remains permeable. It allows colonization by vegetation.




For full or partial outdoor farms of cattle herds 


For fully open-air farms: in regions with moderate rainfall located between 700 and 900 mm of water on already filtering soil, you can use Stabilizing Tiles 


For open-air breeding farms, partially: in regions with heavy rain (more than 1000 mm of water/year), the stabilization slabs allow animals to be kept longer on the pasture in the fall and to leave them earlier in the spring. we win 1 month of winter 


Stabilizing the entrances to the pens: supports the weight of the tractor


To be used on:


Healthy soil

Pre-prepared soil: remove the damaged soil layer and place the tiles on hard soil 

Around the pasture waterers: remove the layer of soil for 2m around the waterer, fill with 10cm thick crushed stone to drain, then mount the sanitiser kit 







Food Cart 

Technical specifications :

The high-density polyethylene tub has a double-walled edge that gives it solidity and rigidity 

Its ergonomic shapes facilitate washing and maintenance 

Can jump over thresholds at doors 

The volume is 140 liters or 340 liters depending on the chosen model 

Easy and pleasant to handle, thanks to the integrated handles 

The 140 liter cart can pass through 600mm wide doors

The 340 liter cart can pass through 800mm doors 

Both cart models can rotate

the food carts are equipped with 400mm inflatable wheels ensuring comfort while walking

The carts are very stable thanks to the 2 swivel wheels


Wheelbarrow for food distribution on the farm 

Technical specifications :



Chassis monobloc, solid and rigid, Wheelbarrow made of high density polyethylene, double wall 

This wheelbarrow harmoniously and effectively associates the feeding tank with the other functions (roto, leg, stretcher...etc)



The shape of this wheelbarrow makes washing and maintenance easier 

The wheelbarrow tank for food distribution has an opening of 300mmx88mm. A hatch operated by the right handle allows the opening to be closed. 3 indexes allow the farmer to adjust the flow according to demand.

400mm inflatable wheels on the bearing 




The volume of the tank is 100 liters. The level is indicated on the inner wall in front of the breeder. The slope of the tank is specially calculated to allow a good flow of food (granules, flour, starch, etc.)

There are no residues on the bottom of the wheelbarrow after use 


echipamente zootehnice | mătură din plastic pentru ferme animale

CATTLE CAGE: water hygiene, hygiene air 



Instant supervision through the wide door, easy access to the calf, external distribution of milk, water, concentrates and hay are some of the advantages of the new cage model with tilting pen 


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