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Crop trolleys

Maximum maneuverability with the directional traction system of 180º.
"Ballast tripod" for great stability
"Super wide" 240 mm tires.
Steering wheel and rails adjustable in heights.
Aluminum grid skid platform.
Rear wheels adjustable in width.
Floating control knobs.

Weight 275 Kg.

Total length  1500 mm.
Minimum width 850 mm.
Maximum width wheels.  1100 mm.
Maximum platform height  1760 mm.
Maximum height for work 3500 mm.
Working platform 1000 x 600 mm.


 Designed for high collection efficiency. Also, due to its innovative rotation system and its load capacity it can be used for all types of transportation within the farm. Its capacity of 3 crates per floor allows it to be used as a worktable, for pre-selection in the same collection operation.

Polipox powder paint finish at 200 degrees oven.
Removable handles for better transportation.
Mounted on 370x85 or 400x100 pneumatic wheel.
Polyamide tire.
Steel roller bearings.
High resistance.

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