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elected the best tunnel in the world


Abriclair: it is thanks to the simplicity that Abriclair structures are universal.Theire concept is based on three elements:the arch,the spencer and the cross.

Arches and spancers are made of round tubing perfectcly balanced and optimized for strength, and are made exclusively from the best European steel:S 250 GD.Elastic limit guaranteed up to 25kN/mm.Galvanised Z 275 doubled sided 15/10ths and 20/10ths 60 mm and 32mm.
The quality requirement is unique in the market..
The exclusive cross linking system assembled by a hight frequency method, dubles his resistence on links of 44cm.It s internal assembly makes it invisible and ensures a long service life for the plastic films.The Abriclair frames can receive all types of covering films.
Abriclair tunnels are now a reference on the market throught their exceptional performance and their easy of assembly and mainteinance.


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