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The purpose of a greenhouse is to create a production space that will optimize the climate and, therefore, the crop.

To achieve this goal, Filclair has developed yet another innovation: for the first time in the history of the greenhouse, fluid mechanics software has been applied to the design of structure forms.
The era of C.A.G.D (Computer-Assisted Greenhouse Design) has now become a reality.
This C.A.G.D program has given rise to the new MULTICLAIR 
The Multiclair model has been derived from a traditional arch which is already renowned for its excellent climatic qualities, but has a considerably flatter arch. The much more aerodynamic profile of greenhouse, combined with the geometry of the vent panels and their positioning, offers this greenhouse the highest level of performance on the market in terms of agronomics.

Agronomic Qualities

The advent of C.A.G.D heralds the end of 40 years of empirical greenhouse design. Greenhouse performances are no longer merely evaluated on the tangible criteria of its resistance to climatic loads alone, but also and, above all, on its agronomic qualities.
The optimization of the volume Multiclair the new contour of its arch and the power of the aeration systems, produce top level performances in terms of relative humidity, temperature and light, thus creating almost perfect bioclimates.

INRA Support

The partnership with the PSH (Plants and Garden Cropping Systems) unit of the INRA (The French National Institute for Agricultural Research) - backed by ANVAR (The French Agency for Innovation) - has objectively corroborated the design decisions taken for the AÉRO 9600, by simulating complex climatic conditions. The broad scope of the studies then jointly conducted with our R&D department, and the influence of the Institute in this field, offers users an indisputable guarantee of quality.

Aeration Power
Just like an engine, the more powerful the vent panel... the better it is. While the effectiveness of AMPLITUDE roof crest vent panels has now been clearly established, shutter-type roof gutter vent panels also generate very effective air inflows and outflows - thanks to the Venturi effect (suction of interior air by negative pressure) - and improve both the outside air penetration and the air mixing. The end result has a direct and positive effect on the relative humidity and interior temperature.
Multiclair's internal aerodynamics are also very important as, by smoothing out the interior turbulence, the circulation of air is improved, thus optimizing the relative humidity.
CLC (Continuous Lateral Circulation), which is even effective over more than 4 to 5 spans, also remains a must in terms of aeration for numerous types of cultivation requiring a swept ventilation effect.

Bio protection
This exceptional aeration power, proven by the studies conducted with the INRA, currently offers the only effective solution for maintaining superior climate control within a structure equipped with Insect-Proof nets, known to reduce air inputs. This aeration power means the interior climate of the greenhouse can maintain agronomic values offering extremely high performances, compatible with maximum prophylaxis.



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